Our services

Our services can be tailored to customers’ needs and be made to include both technological solutions and supportive specialist services.

Data-driven planning of urban structures AND SERVICES

We provide consultation in data-driven service network planning, involving strategic goals that guide land use, management of service networks and facilities, and integrated programming and implementation. The development work aims to the utilization of strategy-led KPIs that enables performance monitoring and goal achievement.

planning processes and operating models

Cross-sectoral cooperation and process improvement work aims at improving the timeliness of service provision and building investments, improving the efficiency of information sharing across organizational borders, and decreasing the need for manual data gathering.

Concepts and vision work

The creation of novel service facility concepts aims at outlining city-level key principles and technical and quality requirements for investment projects (e.g. a school or a day-care centre). We also facilitate co-creation processes for future service network scenarios. Examples could be e.g. partly outsourced, decentralized or centralized service network alternatives, with the requirement of maximizing the occupation rates of current service facilities, minimizing distances, and optimizing costs.

CapaCity™ deployment projects

Deployment includes mapping the technical capabilities and creating specifications for data transfer with security and data protection requirements. The purpose of mapping the operational processes is to identify organization-specific users and beneficiaries, and guide them in using the tool.

CapaCity™ software as a service

Includes an organization-specific licence of the SaaS service, which can be used with all contemporary internet browsers without any need to invest in new IT-systems or application environments. The service includes maintenance and support. The monthly/yearly licence cost is determined based on the number and extent of service networks included in the licence (e.g. school + daycare + culture and leisure time etc.)