Digital solutions for anticipatory service network planning

We provide our customers full cloud SaaS tool for anticipatory planning and capacity management of city services infrastructure. We are pioneers in developing dynamic, data-driven service network planning processes and operating models.

Our strength lies in strong professional competence in urban planning and building sector, which we combine with new digital technologies and know-how in software development.

Tools for future makers

“The service ecosystems and built environments of the future will be designed based on anticipating which services people really need, and when and where. Digitalization and real-time data enable cities to make evidence-informed decisions and optimize their service networks to meet the targets of well-being promotion and sustainable development.”

In addition to the human-oriented design thinking, our other cross-cutting development principles are guided by ecological and economic factors – in other words, resource wisdom.

What would it mean if your city could cut 10% of its current costs on service facilities through anticipatory network optimization? With facility costs of EUR 50 million this would mean saving EUR 5 million each year, amounting to up to two new day-care centres.

Vitality: High-quality services in healthy and safe buildings are a key attraction resource for a city. From the viewpoint of the local economy, significant share of tax funds are allocated to public buildings. Therefore, network optimization and anticipatory maintenance can bring major savings.

Integrity: Forming a cohesive urban structure and thus reducing the carbon footprint of the service network is significant for climate. The services locations must support infill construction, which is often challenging in dense urban environments.

Liveliness: Public services have a huge affect on the comfort and perceived quality of the living environment. Service buildings also have an important role in a cityscape. Architectural design and innovative service concepts can significantly improve the functional versatility of a city district.

Quality of life: Service networks are an instrument for creating well-being for citizens. Creating a healthy and safe living environment is the main goal of urban planning. With anticipatory and customer-specific identification of service needs, cities can promote equality and diminish segregation between regions.

We are a small and agile studio for urban planning and development.

We specialize on providing digital solutions for service network and urban planning processes. The competence of our core team is based on scientific research and long-time practical competence in the field of real estate management, investment planning and decision-making. Together with our strong partner network, we have a unique combination of professional competence supported with latest know-how in software development. Capacity™ solution received the Technology to Products award (2019).

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Docent in Urban Planning
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